About Us

It all started back when there was iPhone. It was amazing. It was powerful. It was ideal. Holding this simple device in our hands we felt like Star Trek heroes. This device had to be enjoyed by many. However, with all these powers, iPhone remained limited in use. We could not install any applications we want or change mobile operator. It was cruel...

Then a team of developers decided to change the iPhone world FOREVER. And they did it!!!

The Jailbreak changed everything. It was like the abolition of slavery. It was freedom and independence. Began a new iPhone era.

Jailbreak-Apple.com wants to spread the freedom in iPhone world! We want everyone to have the freedom to customize their device or choose their carrier! And we'll not stop until you know the power of the Jailbreak!

about us

Who we are?

  • Alice Maddison

    Alice Maddison

    Customer support.

  • Vicky Rendell

    Vicky Rendell

    Customer support.

  • Neil Brown

    Neil Brown

    Developer /
    Testing engineer.

  • Mike Anderson

    Mike Anderson

    Developer /
    Testing engineer.